Consultation and training

Consultation and training

Training and updates of our qualified technicians have become very important in companies’ management. To allow the company to resolve more adequately problems related to activities in the environmental sector, with good results on efficiency plans and notable savings on consulting costs, MIT Ambiente provides specialized training based on the customer’s needs, a general training about laws and on single aspects related to environment issues, to a more specific training on sampling methods. Consulting is oriented to all the work places, both public and private, and to building sites. It is provided through interventions to ensure the compliance to the current laws concerning hygiene and occupational safety.

Evaluation of enviromental impact

Our experience, consolidated by years of experience in this sector, permit us to offer support in the preparation of environmental impact studies, monitoring plans, strategic assessment and assessment of adaptability and effect.

The available instruments range from programs of forecast modelling to evaluating the state of affairs of the available documents.

Work safty

The service concerns the following aspects:

  • Monitoring and consulting regarding workers exposure to physical agents (noise, mechanical vibrations, electromagnetic fields, optical and artificial radiation) DLgs 81 2008.
  • Evaluation of risk to exposure of handling manual loads, repetitive movements, incongruous posture, pushing – pulling operations (DLgs 81 2008).
  • Consulting and preparation of Risk Evaluation, Risk Interfering Evaluation, and Emeregency Plan documents.

Other Services